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I got some great new books.


I went to Wordstock and met Stefan Bachmann, Claire Legrand and Emma Trevayne. After spending time with them I will be a life long fan of theirs. All three of them were very gracious and kind.


I also met a not so kind and gracious author. One that I was looking forward to seeing. But after listening to her the only thing I will be using her book for now is a door stop. 



My big dilemma for I go meet Stephan Bachman, or cast members from Grimm? (Monroe & Juliette) 

I think I ruined Goodreads for myself. I accepted almost every single friend request no matter who they where. I ended up with a bunch of people that I had nothing in common with and I received endless "buy my book" messages.


I am here on booklikes as a reader and am only going to follow others that I can connect with. That pretty much means people who read YA, paranormal, and fantasy. My reading tastes may change in the future, but that is where I am at right now. 


I don't think I am going to bother importing anything either. I'm starting fresh.

Test Post. I'm just checking to make sure I am disconnected from Facebook. 

ta daaaaa!


Now if I could only figure out how to change my user name from kristonjohnson to Kriston Johnson. I'm obviously missing something.

Just finished Under The Never Sky and Through The Ever Night. Thank you, Veronica Rossi, for being so awesome!!

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